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We strive to restore your dial as close as possible to its original condition and abide by the principles that guide us as conservation professionals.

Grandfather/Tall Case Painted Dials

All clock dials deteriorate over time and have their own story. Most of them accumulate dirt and have aged varnish. Your dial may have experienced more distress and damage such as smoke, water, rust and pitting or just banged up. Oftentimes, a dial has undergone a previous restoration that was done incorrectly. Some dials endured an overpainting by peculiar techniques. Applying acrylic paint, sharpie pens and improper color application of oil paint is a common procedure previously used that is incorrect. Many of our restoration projects require the removal of these improper applications to expose the original art. We determine this in a non-invasive way.

UV light showing hidden signature on dial surface
Clockmaker’s name, as seen here

We use conservation tools such as UV Light. This can uncover “Hidden shadows.” This reveals evidence of original content.

Clock dial being cleaned

Adherent surface deposits are removed after assessing and analyzing its condition. Delicate prep and restoration work is then utilized with same chemical and technical means museum conservationists use.

Grandfather/Tall Case Metal Dials

These may require cleaning, polishing and repainting of numerals. Silver sometimes wears away and our re-silvering process is the same that was used in Europe hundreds of years ago.

We begin with a phone consultation to discuss your dial restoration. Each restoration plan is different and specifically designed for you and your dial. Next, we will present a proposal with your cost estimate, deposit and a specific plan to restore and preserve your dial for generations to come.

Grandfather/Tall Case Moon Dials

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